aline bob / inverted bob hairstyle

I get alot of feedback on aline bob hairstyles, although alot of people don’t know what to call them. I love this short hairstyle! It can be modified in so many different ways. You can wear it with bangs or without, you can have a textured style with lots of chunky layers, you can wear it smooth and sleek with very little layers. It can be worn as a sassy short hairstyle with trendy haircolor, or it can be worn by very conservative clients with beautiful natural haircolor. When this bob hair style is cut correctly, it is SO easy to style and my clients that have this hairstyle receive compliments on a regular basis. Now, let me speak to that for a moment. There are many excellent hairstylists that have not been trained properly, or at all, on how to cut this style. The aline bob hairstyle is a very technical hairstyle and cannot be “guessed at” on how to cut it. I absolutely love to cut this hairstyle and am always looking for more clients who want to try it out for the first time or who have always loved this timeless hairstyle.

These are examples of aline or inverted bob hair styles:


short hair soft aline







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